Monday, September 19, 2011

Concept and purpose of building

The purpose of my building is a hostel and the hostel will be comfortable for the students that live there and they will feel like living with a big family. Due to the fact that it is a hostel, another concept of the building is for everybody to study comfortably, to play comfortably and to live comfortably. Each and every room is designed and catered to the needs of every student that lives there. The concept is comfortability and a big family. The design of the building will be warm and comforting to the students who live there and continue their studies with the help and warmth from the big family that live together with them. Earth colours will be used and comfort levels will be considered as the top priority. Furthermore, textures that are considered comfortable such as carpets and wood would be used. Balconies will be part of the design so that the students will be able to relax at the balcony and to enjoy the sunshine and greenery. All of these will be used to create a comfortable and relax environment suitable for students to study and live in.