Thursday, October 13, 2011


Through this whole creating and drawing experience, I learnt and understood fully that the difference of sketching and the practicability of something. Sketching something is one matter, thinking about the practicability of it is another. This is the main reason that I rejected my first idea. It is not very practical to create the building with a circular circumference because instead of saving space, I might be losing space because of the gaps created if I would to put the furnitures against the wall. 

When I started sketching for the second idea, I started considering a little more in the shoes of a student that is going to live there. I also started looking at the market value of my hostel and started thinking of ways to promote it and to make it the third home of anybody who lives there, literally. I started looking at other factors, such as the colours and the textures to see if I can make use of them to create the ambience that I want. I also started to understand that some of the facilities that I wanted are redundant such as the shops and library. 
I encountered some difficulties using google sketchup, importing things, trying to rotate them properly and moving them to the correct position and accidentally orbiting the model to some view blocked my vision of the whole model.
I must admit that I asked my father for some advice during the course of my drawing and he gave me some valuable advice like how are you going let the students escape in times of emergency, how are you going to assign the rooms so that it will convenient to everybody. Such valuable and prompting questions allowed me to take a step back and to think about what can I do to help to improve the movement of a student in the hostel. 

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